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Net balance

The Waste & Emissions Credits


Balanced emission

The World Sustainability Protocol (WOSP360) was developed to meet increasing global market demand for an alternative to UN’s “NetZero and Carbon Offsetting scheme”. 

The alternative is a biological, economical and thermodynamics-based solution called The Waste & Emissions Credits (WEC) and part of the Corporate Sustainability Protocol. A verifiable and authenticated system using forensic data for organisations and corporations to voluntarily or compulsorily purchase these climates, Socioeconomic Biodiversity Credits to balance their adverse impacts on nature, oceans and societies.

The WEC credits/certificates are a tradeable product idea we intend to pursue further, WEC credits could be divided into “Circularity, Emissions, Waste, Energy and Innovation Credits” and more.

To succeed

the political non-viable Net-Zero carbon idea as we see it, lack authenticated and verifiable data therefore one must first establish a broader clarity around technicalities.

To hold any credibility promoting something to be “Net Zero, Carbon Negative or Carbon Positive” you need proof. Both developers and sellers of Carbon Credits and Offsets, need to show professional accountability when it comes to total quantified reduction in GHG emissions and not only CO2.

The WOSP360 Sustainability Protocol is necessary to protect investors equity and finance institutions credibility and profitability by avoiding adverse impacts and preventing negative consequences. WOSP360 equally protect all stakeholders against adverse results and secure prosperity combined with a positive outcome for nature and society.

WOSP360 Impact Analytics is a systematic and standardised assessment platform for governance, operational systems, management, production, technological approvement, the ecological capacity of sequestering CO2 including short term and long term GHG and Waste impact on whole ecosystems.  There is no fast track, passing or avoiding the WOSP360 Sustainability Qualification in any offsetting scheme. Without WOSP metrics and the 360 Project Protocol, critics will easily undermine your integrity and jeopardise business credibility, and your project is assumed yet another “greenwashes” of a Black Footprint.


WOSP360 Impact Analytics platform

offers a combined SDG and ESG risk assessment tool designed for management, decision-makers, engineers, consultants, advisors and experts aiming to reach the Paris Sustainability Goals by using our low-carbon technology and services to decarbonise investor portfolios, finance projects, the society and our economy.

With the WOSP360 Sustainability Protocol, you will protect against direct and indirect harm to stakeholder’s equity, avoid non-responsible use of natural resources and prevent negative consequences for biodiversity and ecosystems in your projects. WOSP360 support rapidly restores of damaged ecosystems, replanting with local species and rebuild lost biodiversity by establishing wildlife corridors in combination with food production and wildfire protection. 


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