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Wosp360 Water

Welcome to WOSP360 Water Systems, part of the Rock Bay Group of engineers, scientists, and project developers. We’re a tech innovation and engineering firm based in the UK and Spain. We’re known for our pioneering Sustainability & Impact Economics Academy, Management and Project Platform, Training and Certification, providing proactive Certified Sustainability Solutions.

WOSP360 has broad experience in industrial robotics, inline production, maintenance systems, and ML & AI risk analytic systems. We offer various disruptive water production systems, from harvesting water molecules out of the air to desalination with reverse osmosis and water filtration systems to circular systems for consumption, production, and maintenance.


WOSP360 designs tailored solutions by always using the best available technologies. We specialize in delivering plastic-free and 100% particle-free clean drinking water from mobile and stationary systems. Our unique approach? The unique WOSP360 systems need little, if any, external piping and valve installations or much construction workkeeping. We deliver turn-key water stations, saving time, money, and the environment. We generate water where none exists by “harvesting water from the skies” — using the most sustainable method that taps into a percentage of the water molecules from the air, avoiding any strain on local or national water sources.


Innovative Water Solutions

Our technological solutions can deliver whether you’re in bustling cities like Mumbai, New York or Madrid or remote spots like the Kalahari and Sahara Deserts. We create fresh drinking water in the condition our customers prefer, from chilled to tropical temperatures, as still or sparkling water — you name it, we aim to deliver. The technology isn’t about diverting existing water but creating new sources from the air itself.

When you need water for agriculture, industrial uses, or even for a mountain hotel with a hot water outdoor swimming pool and need to produce your local snow for ski slopes, we’re here to discuss bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, helping address water scarcity without tapping into traditional, often overstretched water reserves. 

Business without water, investor risk, system collapse

Every business strategy and professional operation must think of “Water Safety” covering all sections and every part of your business activities to avoid “Economic and Operational Risk” “Business Water Risk” is a new area within proactive business management. A Boardroom without a “water safety protocol” can soon cause the management to be unable to continue operations. Being covered with an electricity generator when the energy fails is a simple risk to cover with technology. What do you do when the well runs dry and when no more water is in the pipelines? What is your backup system now? 

WOSP360 Water Systems was established with scientists and engineers developing and installing technological solutions supplying water without depending on local water resources or supply. We only need access to fresh air and will harvest just a percentage of its water molecules as if you harvest strawberries, you only pick those big red “ripe for harvest”.

With or without water - there are solutions.

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Our Approach to Global Water Challenges and Water Distress

Our mission extends beyond simple water provision. With years of success in industrial maintenance technology and strategies, training and certifying high-risk operators and sustainability assessors in strategy and navigation systems. We’re now positioned to become leaders in “Corporate and Operational Water Safety” including strategic water supply with “air to water” technology. We are ready to expand our global network, bringing our cutting-edge, low renewable energy consumption, sustainable water solutions to more corners of the world.

We collaborate directly with national governments, regional political institutions, industrial production, agriculture and farming, and military defence operations needs, particularly in the construction, technology, and production industry sectors, ensuring that our innovations align with national interests and security.


Tailored, Impact-Free, New Water Solutions

We design our systems to be minimally invasive using our WOSP360 Sustainability Assessment and Consequences Analytic Platform. Our solutions don’t require large infrastructures or construction work or disrupt local ecosystems or populations. Instead, we use modular plug-and-play systems that produce up to 250- 10,000 litres of water daily from one unit only, where we parallel connect ten units to deliver 100.000 litres daily without tapping into the Aquifers in the ground or surface water sources. This approach preserves local environments and avoids the ecological damage typical of large-scale water extraction methods, saving on installation and operation.


Advanced Water Technologies

Forget traditional desalination or chemical treatments as the only solutions to “Water Safety and Economics” that can leave unwanted and harmful residues in the water delivered. Our technologies ensure that the water you drink is totally free from plastics and other contaminants, providing safer, tastier, and more sustainable water wherever needed.


WOSP360 Water Solutions usually connect a variation of technological systems from an economic, risk and safety perspective. Demands are stationary and mobile solutions, all tailored after the WOSP360 sustainability-based need, risk and flexibility assessment tailored to each demand. We build in remote operations for operational control, functionality assessments and production safety. These solutions are our standard systems or tailored solutions with flexibility in locality, which can be remotely and automatically blocked. 


Customised Water for Every Need

Our systems cater to a wide range of industries and needs:

Remote Operations: Ideal for mining, energy industry, and remote construction sites.

Industrial Cooling and Cleaning: Perfect for high-demand industrial environments.

Hospitality: Offering pristine water for hotels, resorts, and spa’s off-grid and remote

Agriculture and Food Farming : Ensuring water availability for farming in arid and controlled conditions.

Maritime and Offshore Industries: Delivering fresh, mineral-rich water onboard vessels and industrial waters.


Pharmaceutical and Industrial Processes: Providing high-purity water essential for sensitive manufacturing processes, fixed or flexible molecular formulas with additives control


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Every project begins with a thorough analysis of ecological, biological, economic, technical needs and environmental impacts, assessed through our platform. We align our strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring each initiative supports broader global sustainability targets.



At WOSP360 Water Systems, our commitment extends beyond just providing water. We aim to revolutionize the sourcing and delivery of water, offering eco-friendly water quality efficient solutions that cater to today’s diverse demands without compromising tomorrow’s resources. For innovative water solutions that think outside the bottle, talk to us in WOSP360 as we love challenges.


WOSP360 develops and delivers Economic Water Safety Solutions, preventing risk and not managing avoidable losses.